U.S. still falling short on basic tools to fight the virus

President Joe Biden took office with a clear plan to attack the coronavirus. But the United States is still falling short on the public health steps needed to fight a highly contagious disease, a problem that’s taking on mounting urgency as new variants of Covid-19 begin to spread around the country.Politico, Read More.

Mississippi has already kissed $7B goodbye, thanks to its failure to expand Medicaid. Will the state make that $20B?

Dr. Tim Alford knew that Mississippians were struggling to get health care before he began working in the emergency room in this small town five years ago. It’s far worse than he thought, said the longtime family physician and past president of the Mississippi State Medical Association. “People are not being able to get their primary care, so they default to the emergency room. People are flocking here because so many people are locked out of the system.”MCIR, Read More.

Some legislators see value of expanding Medicaid for prisoners

The Mississippi Legislature is considering a proposal to expand Medicaid – for incarcerated people.The state’s Republican leadership has long rejected efforts to expand Medicaid, as is allowed under the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, to provide health care coverage to as many as 300,000 Mississippians – many of them the working poor who are employed in jobs that do not provide health insurance and who do not make enough to afford to purchase private coverage.Mississippi Today, Read More.

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