COVID-19 Thanksgiving alert: ‘Don’t share air with anyone outside your immediate family’

Leading medical professionals shared one last word of caution Friday as the Thanksgiving holidays approach and COVID-19 is so widespread in Mississippi that it’s hard to tell where many people even became infected.“Don’t share air with anyone outside your immediate family,” said Dr. Mark Horne, president of the Mississippi State Medical Association.His remarks came at the end of a Facebook Live session where he and Dr. Claude Brunson, MSMA executive director, posed questions to State Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs and state epidemiologist Dr. Paul Byers.SunHerald, Read More.

Schools across the state close their doors as COVID-19 infections spike

Schools and districts across Mississippi are shutting their doors and transitioning to online learning ahead of the Thanksgiving break as COVID-19 cases sharply spike. Schools reported record-high COVID-19 infections among students and teachers for the week of Nov. 9, and some educators are concerned that social gatherings over the Thanksgiving holiday could prolong the virtual learning period. Mississippi Today, Read More.

Rural hospitals face increased coronavirus hospitalizations

Coronavirus hospitalizations have risen by 136% in two weeks, placing a significant strain on not just the largest medical centers, but also small, rural hospitals. Doctors and nurses at Field Health System in Wilkinson County are split between a coronavirus wing and standard care. MPB, Read More.

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