New Report studies low wages jobs and how much state would gain expanding Medicaid

A new study by Georgetown University finds 13 percent of Mississippians work in low wage jobs in the service industry where few employers provide health insurance. Professor Joan Alker, a researcher for the report, says positions at restaurants, in retail and construction earn on average $17,700 per year; cashiers and maintenance workers earn less. MPB, Read More.

It's Time To Use The ACA To Broaden Access To Lower-Cost Drugs

The Affordable Care Act ushered in one of the greatest increases in healthcare coverage in U.S. history. Eleven years later, thanks to President Joe Biden and the sweeping pandemic relief bill, we finally have the first real expansion of the law’s insurance coverage and Medicaid expansion. Despite this, we haven’t realized the ACA’s full potential when it comes to lowering drug costs. Modern Healthcare, Read More.

A Generational Fix: Medicaid Initiative Backers Step In After Legislature Refuses Expansion

For Mississippi Hospital Association President and CEO Tim Moore, the 2021 Mississippi Legislative session was a breaking point.“I’ll be honest with you,” he told the Mississippi Free Press in a Tuesday interview, “I felt deep in my heart that with the peak of the pandemic, and us getting all these (federal) subsidies, that the legislators would step up and pass some version of Medicaid expansion. The Mississippi Free Press, Read More.

Miss. Hospital Association Board supports ballot initiative to expand Medicaid

Tim Moore, with the state hospital association has created a non-profit organization called Healthcare for Mississippi to sponsor Initiative 76. Preliminary work has begun on the constitutional amendment, which requires 106,000 signatures to be placed on the ballot. It would allow Mississippians to decide if they want to expand Medicaid. Moore says the hospital association board voted Friday to support the initiative.MPB, Read More.

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