Welcome. MHAP promotes health system change by developing innovative health and human services policy and monitoring implementation. The program also provides information and support to front-line workers and poor communities as they work to address problems at the local level. Mississippi Health Advocacy Programs (MHAP) combines research, analysis and grass-roots organizing to improve health policies, practices and funding in Mississippi, especially in support of the state's poor and underserved people.

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CMS Announces Special Enrollment Period for Tax Season

For those who were unaware or didn’t understand the implications of the fee for not enrolling in coverage, CMS will provide consumers with an opportunity to purchase health insurance coverage from March 15 to April 30.  If consumers do not purchase coverage for 2015 during this special enrollment period, they may have to pay a fee when they file their 2015 income taxes.

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Special Enrollment Period for Consumers “In Line” on February 15

“We are pleased that the vast majority of consumers were able to apply and pick a plan through HealthCare.gov or its call center without a problem. For those consumers who were unable to complete their enrollment because of longer than normal wait times at the call center in the last three days or because of a technical issue such as being unable to submit an application because their income could not be verified, we will provide them with a time-limited special enrollment period for March 1 coverage.”

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State Lawmakers Pass the Buck to Local Taxpayers. Ignore Medicaid Expansion

Like many of Mississippi’s rural hospitals, Kosciusko’s Montfort Jones Memorial Hospital is under financial strain. In the past year, the Attala County owned facility has laid-off 38 employees and closed its ICU.

Mississippi’s decision to refuse Medicaid expansion is one that is causing unnecessary fiscal harm to the hospital and local economy of Attala County.

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