Nonprofits help uninsured Mississippians patch together health care services

More than one in five Mississippians don’t have health insurance. “We screen people to see if they are eligible for Medicaid or if their children are eligible for Medicaid,” Mitchell said. “There are little-known ways to gain Medicaid eligibility that we have found over the years to find people eligible for Medicaid,” he said. “We’ve had to do a lot of Medicaid outreach. We’ve done it not just with providers but also hospitals.”If individuals don’t qualify for Medicaid, Tammy Bullock, Medicaid consumer advocate with Mississippi Health Advocacy, said she checks to see if they can sign up under the Affordable Care Act. “But a lot of these people work part-time jobs,” she said. “In rural areas, they don’t even make enough to afford the premiums.”Mississippi Today, Read More.

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