MSDH plans to start accepting medical marijuana license applications by June

Days after medical marijuana was legalized in Mississippi, the Mississippi State Department of Health, the entity overseeing the program, announced when it will begin accepting applications for licenses. By June, the state health department plans to begin accepting online medical marijuana license applications for patients, medical practitioners and cannabis cultivation facilities, according to a department news release Friday. The Clarion Ledger, Read More.

Coalition sends letter to Gunn in support of Medicaid expansion

On Tuesday, Care 4 Mississippi, a new statewide coalition, sent a letter to House Speaker Philip Gunn in support of Medicaid expansion. Dr. John Gaudet of Hattiesburg said, “There is no question that Medicaid expansion would deliver affordable healthcare for hundreds of thousands of Mississippians who currently have no real access to care. The purpose of this letter is to remind Speaker Gunn that there are people in his House district and across the state who support healthcare expansion. We are respectfully asking the Speaker to allow the Legislature to reckon with this crucial issue in our state.” WJTV, Read More.

Senate passes bill to extend postpartum Medicaid coverage to Mississippi mothers

State senators overwhelmingly passed a measure last week that would allow mothers in Mississippi — the state with the highest infant mortality rate — to receive Medicaid benefits for up to a year after they give birth.“As you know, we’ve passed an abortion law that says abortions can’t aoccur after 15 weeks,” Senate Medicaid Chairman Kevin Blackwell, R-Southaven, said. “The Supreme Court is currently looking at that bill. I think we’ve done an excellent job of protecting the baby in the womb. But once it’s out of the womb, it’s like, ‘Whoop, you’re on your own.’” Daily Journal, Read More.

‘We got to get some help:’ Pandemic accelerates need for children’s mental health services

Of all the pandemic-related challenges Ann had to face, nothing was as worrying as when her 8-year-old started having severe anxiety attacks. May, her youngest child, was in second grade when her school abruptly shifted to virtual learning in 2020. She missed her librarian, teachers and friends at school. She didn’t have a cell phone or social media, tools that have proven vital to maintaining relationships during the pandemic, and felt truly isolated. MS Today, Read More.

House passes anti-vaccine mandate bill

The Mississippi House unexpectedly took up and passed legislation Thursday that would prevent private companies from forcing their employees to get a COVID-19 vaccination over “sincerely held religious objections.”The bill, authored by House Speaker Philip Gunn, is a response to a battle currently raging between those opposed to various COVID-19 vaccine mandates issued by President Joe Biden. Some of those mandates have been upheld by the federal courts while others have not. MS Today, Read More.

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