Some Mississippi lawmakers fight for Medicaid expansion

In Mississippi, some lawmakers are joining the fight for Medicaid expansion. More than 300,000 Mississippians are struggling to get health care insurance. It has been reported that one in five people in the state does not have health insurance.WJTV, Read More.

Bill aims to strip authority over Medicaid from governor

Medicaid, the state agency with the largest budget, will be removed from the control of the governor and placed under an independent commission under legislation that has cleared committee and is now before the Mississippi House.Mississippi Today, Read More.

Mississippi considers longer postpartum Medicaid coverage

Mississippi legislators are trying to improve the health of new mothers and their babies by allowing women who are enrolled in Medicaid to keep that coverage for up to a year after giving birth — an increase from the current limit of 60 days.AP News, Read More.

In Mississippi, COVID-19 Exceeds Great Influenza’s 1918 Death Toll

 As the influenza pandemic spread across Mississippi in early October 1918, the state’s top physician, State Board of Health Executive Officer Dr. W.S. Leathers, began issuing sweeping orders to local health officials statewide that shuttered schools, churches, theaters and cancelled public gatherings to slow the pathogen’s advance.Mississippi Free Press, Read More.

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