State Auditor 'looking into' UnitedHealth as part of Medicaid pharmacy benefits probe

The Mississippi State Auditor’s Office is looking into whether UnitedHealth Group,the fifth largest company in the U.S., is over-billing Medicaid for prescription drugs. Confirmation of the probe comes a week after Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch and State Auditor Shad White announced a $55 million settlement with Centene, another Fortune 500 company, to resolve allegations Centene had over-billed the state Division of Medicaid for prescription drugs.The Clarion Ledger, Read More.

Concerns Mount Over Looming Surge in Bankruptcy as COVID Medical Debt Soars

Case numbers and daily death tolls continue to drop, the majority of U.S. adults are fully or partly vaccinated, mask mandates are vanishing and summer socializing looks like it’s back on the calendar. But even as America keeps marching steadily toward a post-pandemic future, another COVID-19 crisis looms—a debt and bankruptcy disaster fueled by mounting medical bills associated with treatment, especially among the most financially vulnerable parts of the population.Newsweek, Read More.

More than 113,000 Oklahomans approved for health coverage through Medicaid expansion

More than 113,000 Oklahomans will have health coverage starting next month through Medicaid expansion. Of those, 17,591 are people who had never applied before, according to the Oklahoma Health Care Authority.The rest — 95,829 — are people whose recent applications were reprocessed or those who were transitioned into SoonerCare from more limited benefit programs.The Oklahoman, Read More.

Industry cheers Supreme Court ruling on health care law

Democratic lawmakers and much of the health care industry cheered the Supreme Court’s ruling Thursday to uphold the 2010 health care law.Democrats had campaigned against the legal challenge during the past two campaign cycles, arguing that their party would protect health insurance coverage. The decision comes as Democratic leaders are determining which health care provisions they may include in a fiscal 2022 budget resolution.Roll Call, Read More.

Democrats seek new ways to expand Medicaid in holdout states

Congressional Democrats are pushing legislation that would expand Medicaid in states that have so far refused to do so, seeking to fill one of the major remaining holes in the Affordable Care Act.There are currently 12 states where Republicans have refused to accept the expansion of Medicaid eligibility provided under ObamaCare, meaning 2.2 million low-income people are left without coverage they otherwise would have, according to estimates from the Kaiser Family Foundation.The Hill, Read More.

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