Mississippi will not mandate masks at the polls ahead of Nov. 3 election

October 7, 2020, Daily Journal, Mississippi Center for Investigative Reporting, Jerry Mitchell – In Mississippi, those entering a school, a Wendy’s or a Walmart must wear masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19. But those entering packed polling places don’t have to don one.“This is absolute insanity,” said Dr. Claude Earl Fox III, a Mississippi native and former head of public health in Alabama. “What’s to be gained by a no-mask requirement on Election Day?” Mississippi Secretary of State Michael Watson says masks can’t be mandated at the polls this November because it’s a federal election. Assistant Secretary of State Kendra James explained that while their office recommends wearing masks, “the governor, nor anyone else, may impose requirements on voting. No entity other than Congress, the Mississippi Legislature or a validly enacted constitutional amendment may place requirements, such as wearing a mask, on voters.” View Story.

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