Mississippi lawmakers hear from doctors on what they’d like to see in next Medicaid tech bill

October 12, WLBT, Courtney Ann Jackson – While Medicaid expansion wasn’t brought up by lawmakers, the president of the state medical association ended his remarks with this request. “Inexcusably, we have forgone billions in federal assistance that would’ve helped our most vulnerable citizens,” said Dr. Mark Horne. “We ask the legislature to act on expanding coverage in the upcoming session.” The Mississippi Health Advocacy Program points to Medicaid expansion gaining new ground in other states that previously rejected it. “COVID 19 has caused us to re-evaluate our healthcare policies and choices,” said Roy Mitchell, MHAP Executive Director. “So, it’s time we re-evaluate our position on Medicaid expansion as well. Medicaid expansion has proven to save lives. We’ve got so far to go in correcting all the health inequities of this state. Let’s start with Medicaid expansion.” View Story.

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