Medicaid’s Future Hinges On Who Wins The White House

November 2, 2020, NPR, Blake Farmer – This policy push-and-pull over Medicaid assumes that the Affordable Care Act will stay intact, including the 90% federal matching money that most states have relied on to expand coverage to the working poor. But the Trump administration is still pushing for the Supreme Court to overturn the entire law, with an oral argument set for Nov. 10. “We would not expect that to continue under a Biden administration,” says Rachel Nuzum, vice president of federal and state health policy at the Commonwealth Fund. “So there’s a fair bit of uncertainty. What we know is, states cannot operate well in an environment of uncertainty.” Nuzum says this election — from state legislative contests up to the White House — has the potential to provide a little more certainty on how millions of Americans receive their health care. View Story.

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