Medicaid agency poised to extend contract with Centene, embattled insurer and big campaign donor

When State Auditor Shad White took office later that year, his first announcement was that his office had found $600,000 worth of improper Medicaid payments to managed care companies. The office’s ongoing investigation into Centene began not long after; it sought help from a local firm in April of 2019, Daily Journal reported.The lawsuit in Ohio is ongoing; Centene argues it adhered to its contract and followed state law. The Ohio attorney general Dave Yost alleged Centene’s “corporate greed” led its Ohio subsidiary to inflate costs through its pharmacy benefit managers. “So why would we extend their contract?” Currie said. “Do we want to have a company with such corporate greed taking care of the most vulnerable people in our state? The sickest, fragile people in our state. I mean, it’s a no-brainer for me. We don’t want that.”Mississippi Today, Read More.

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