Health Mississippi Medicaid Mississippi House leaders kill postpartum Medicaid extension

“As I’ve said very publicly, I’m opposed to Medicaid expansion,” Gunn said Wednesday. “We need to look for ways to keep people off, not put them on.”Gunn said he is aware Mississippi has a high maternal mortality rate, but he has not seen data showing that extending postpartum coverage would save money. Asked whether it could save lives, Gunn said: “That has not been a part of the discussions that I’ve heard.”Hood, a Republican from Ackerman, would not answer questions Wednesday about why he did not seek a House vote on the bill.“We’ll continue to look at that issue in the next session,” Hood said. Cassandra Welchlin, executive director of Mississippi Black Women’s Roundtable, sharply criticized Gunn and Hood for killing the bill. She noted Gunn has campaigned as “pro-life” because of his support for abortion restrictions.“They quite possibly killed moms who won’t have access to health coverage to address issues that may arise after giving birth,” Welchlin said.
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