Dobbs: Take ‘Middle Path’ Between Saving Lives and Economy; Mississippi 7th in Deaths

October 30, 2020, Jackson Free Press, Nick Judin – 
State Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs warned on Twitter today that the Mississippi death toll from COVID-19 is remarkably severe, even for the United States, which is the ninth worst in the world in deaths per capita, and first in deaths overall. “MS ranks #7 in per capita deaths. “The choice between health and the economy is a false choice. There is a middle path that optimizes both,” Dobbs tweeted. In Mississippi, that middle ground, so far, is in resisting reinstating another statewide mask mandate, or even requiring voters to wear them into voting precincts next week even as all measurable coronavirus trends are higher than previous weeks, though they are not rising with the same rapidity as many states in the Midwest. View Story.

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