Dobbs: Decline in COVID cases could be short-lived; some clinics aren’t reporting test results

August 3, 2020, WDAM, C.J. LeMaster – While weekly totals of coronavirus cases dropped Sunday for the first time in two months, health care providers warn that the decrease may not truly reflect the pandemic across the state because cases continue to go under reported from urgent care clinics in multiple counties. “Please: docs, clinics, you’ve gotta let us know who the cases are,” State Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs told 3 On Your Side on Monday. “We can’t intervene in your communities. We can’t call these patients and do case investigations if you don’t tell us about them.”Dobbs believes that lack of reporting on such a large scale could cripple his agency’s ability to do its job because they wouldn’t have accurate information to use in deploying resources and restrictions.

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