Amid pandemic, Medicaid expansion needed more than ever in Mississippi

August 15, 2020, The Clarion Ledger, Marisa Dowling, Janice Blanchard, Jennifer Lee and Loretta Jackson Williams – 
With unemployment at record highs and more than 2,000 Mississippians dead and over 71,000 infected with coronavirus, 2020 has been decidedly bleak. But, Mississippians hold a critical tool to help families with COVID-19 related job loss and illness: the ability to expand Medicaid via ballot initiative. On Aug. 4, Missouri became the latest state to use this measure to expand Medicaid. Five other states have already done so.While the issue of Medicaid expansion is politically charged, for the public it has clear benefits: Medicaid saves lives, stabilizes our health care system, and helps the economy.

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