Welcome. MHAP promotes health system change by developing innovative health and human services policy and monitoring implementation. The program also provides information and support to front-line workers and poor communities as they work to address problems at the local level. Mississippi Health Advocacy Programs (MHAP) combines research, analysis and grass-roots organizing to improve health policies, practices and funding in Mississippi, especially in support of the state's poor and underserved people.

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Dr. Aaron Shirley Health Advocacy Fellowship Program

Beginning December 14, 2015, the Mississippi Health Advocacy Program will accept applications for the Dr. Aaron Shirley Health Advocacy Fellowship Program. The program will commence in January 2016 and run through March 2016.

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SCOTUS UPHOLDS ACA SUBSIDIES: 100,000 Sighs of relief in Mississippi

Chief Justice John Roberts: “Congress passed the Affordable Care Act to improve health insurance markets, not to destroy them.”

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Supreme Court May Rip Health Insurance Away from Over 75,000 Mississippians.

Later this month the United States Supreme Court will rule on a case in which the plaintiffs are asking the Court to strip health insurance from thousands of Mississippians and close to 7 million Americans.

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